Day 5 German Open 2018

Pressemitteilung (German)

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Day 4 German Open 2018

Pressemitteilung (German)

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Day 2 German Open 2018

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Day 1 German Open 2018

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Day 5 German Open 2017


 Yui Kamiji Day 5 Takashi Sanada Day 5 Eliphas MaripaSteffenSommerfeld Day 5

David Wagner Day 5 Victory Ceremony

Day 4 German Open 2017


Katharina Krueger Day 4 David Wagner (USA)

Day 3 German Open 2017


Sabine Ellerbrock Day 3  Double Sommerfeld Maripa Day 3

Day 2 German Open 2017


Katharina Krueger Day 2  Steffen Sommerfeld Day 2

Day 1 German Open 2017


Dana Mathewson Day 1 Takeshi Sananda Day 1


Final Day - German Open Berlin 2016

Great Finals at the German Open in Berlin

Kruger kept the title in Berlin!

What a match between local Katharina Kruger and Lucy Shuker, last year's winner at Berlin. It didn't look too good for Katharina after a 16 in the first set, but she came back very strongly to eventually win the match with a 75 and 63 in the sets to come. The crowd celebrated the 2016 women's champ from Berlin at Berlin.

The all-Dutch men's single between Tom Egberink and Maikel Scheffers fulfilled everything you'd expect from world class wheelchair tennis. Maikel took the first set by 75 and the second 63.

David Wagner dominated the Quad event and took his first title home from Berlin. He won 64 63 vs. Lucas Sithole, both of them impressing the audience with their skillful play.

Another title stayed in Berlin as Marcus Laudan won the Quad Consolation Singles vs Rebekah Coleman. Kanako Domori took one title to Japan after outplaying Angela Grosswiler (SUI) in the Women Singles Consolation.

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Tom Egberink and Maikel Scheffers Katharina Kruger Victory Ceremony Quad and Women Singles, from left: David Wagner, Katharina Kruger, Lucy Shuker and Dana Mathewson


Photos: Marco Knisse



Day 4 - German Open Berlin 2016

Into the final by walk over

The penultimate German Open day brought some unexpected surprises. The local player Katharina Kruger moved on to the final with a walk over since her opponent Dana Mathewson had to withdraw due to sickness. Thus there will be a renewal of last year's final between Katharina Kruger and Lucy Shuker tomorrow.
For the men the victory will go to Holland in all cases. With Maikel Scheffers vs. Tom Egberink an exciting match is to be expected.
Award ceremonies were celebrated already.The best women's double players were honored in the
presence of Berlin's Senator of the Interior and sports, Frank Henkel. Louise Hunt and Lucy Shuker won the final by walk over because of the withdrawal of Dana Mathewson.
Best Quad double-players of the tournament were Bryan Barton (USA) and David Wagner (USA).

Tomorrow the games begin from 9am. All matches on Court A are visible via live stream from the
event site again. The mens Final will start at around 12am.


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Lucy Shuker David Wagner


Photos: Claudio Gärtner

Day 3 - German Open Berlin 2016

Surprising women's semi-final at the German Open


The third day at the German Open brings a whopper of surprise. The French player Charlotte Famin upset Louise Hunt in three sets (57 76 64) thus proceeding to tomorrow's semi final against last years winner Lucy Shuker, who won her match aginst Louise Willerslev-Olson from Denmark . The Berliners hope Katharina Kruger will face Dana Mathewsin (USA) in the second final.


No surprises however on the men's side. All the seeded players advanced into Saturday's semis. Among them Evans Maripa (RSA) who won in three versus Germany's # 1 Steffen Sommerfeld 63 36 62. Thus the finalists will be found in tomorrows matches of Maikel Scheffers (NED) vs. Evans Maripa (RSA) and Ben Weekes (AUS) vs. Tom Egberink (NED).


Have a look at those matches by live-stream starting at 10.00 a.m. at


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Evans Maripa Katharina Kruger


Photos: Claudio Gärtner



Day 2 - German Open Berlin 2016

Day 2 at the German Open in Berlin
Expectedly all seeded players advanced into the quarterfinals with just Martin Legner (AUT)
having to play three sets to win over Petr Utikal (CZ) 57 61 64.
8 th seeded quad-player Richard Green (GBR) had to give in against country-man Ian Payne by 36
No surprises in the first round of the women or in men's doubles so far. Egberink/Scheffers clearly
dominated the German double Seidl/Hiller by 60 60.




Kanako Domori - Katharina Kruger Maikel Scheffers


Photos: Reinhard Tank



Day 1 - German Open Berlin 2016

Sunny start of the German Open Wheelchair Tennis in Berlin

The first day's matches ended at the 28th German Open in Berlin. From 20th-24th July players from 18 different countries gather at the newly laid clay courts of the BTTC-club.

Wonderful sunny weather framed a day without surprises on the courts. The first round of men and Quad-singles was played with an all-German match between Peter Seidl (Germany's #3) and Sven Hiller (Germany's #2). Seidl upset Hiller 63 61 but later on they advanced together in the double vs. Tony Dittmar (GER) and Werner Tinkhauser (AUT).

The women's first round will be played on Thursday.

Soon we will start into the German Open Wheelchair Tennis 2016.

To get an impression what it will be like, have a look on last years video:



And for those who only speak German, we have a German version, too: