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In 2017 the German Open Wheelchair Tennis will take place on the clay courts of the sports club „Zehlendorfer Wespen“


Sportverein Zehlendorfer Wespen 1911 e.V.
Lloyd-G.-Wells-Str. 55
14163 Berlin

About the Zehlendorfer Wespen

Logo der Zehlendorfer Wespen

Twentyone years ago, in 1992, the SV Zehlendorfer Wespen 1911 e.V., known as the Wespen/Wasps, started to affiliate Wheelchair tennis players as regular members.

The Wespen are an old Tennis and Hockey Club in the southwest of Berlin. The club is more than 100 year old and proud of its long history and tradition.

Today, more than 25% of its 2.300 members are youngsters below 18 year of age. Organizing their wide activities is one of the big challenges for the club’s both professional and voluntary staff.

The wheelchair tennis group of presently 16 members became well integrated over the years and benefited from the club’s move to a completely new and handicapped accessible site in 1999.

Over a period of ten years now, three members of the group are top-ranking athletes, i.e. Katharina Krüger, Steffen Sommerfeld and Sven Hiller who became the top German players in international wheelchair tennis.